We’ve worked with Brett on numerous occasions to identify opportunities for our e-commerce business.

On many levels his help has been invaluable, drawing on an evidently vast range of experience in this sphere, Brett’s down to earth approach – simple and clear explanation is really appreciated.

He has gone the extra mile with us, and often comes up with a range of small changes, which can make a really big impact. When you spend all your time fighting fires, with the business millimetres from your face – having this objective view point is like gold dust. thanks!


Sam Morgan

Owner at Paria CC

I’ve worked with Brett for three years during which time he has continually demonstrated a broad and deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce and international website optimisation.

He combines this with a personable approach and sense of humour that immediately endears him to his colleagues and clients, allowing him to quickly build lasting relationships and add value.


Paul Garnett​

Export Growth Manager

I can highly recommend anyone to get together with Brett to discuss internationalisation of their websites and international e-commerce.

I have met with Brett several times in conjunction with my clients and each time he has listened to what they wanted to do, pointed out what pitfalls there may be with the plans or ways they can improve them.

He also has then offered valuable insight into the various tools and applications that are available that will assist on companies international journey into e-commerce.

His depth of knowledge is an invaluable tool for any exporter and I will continue to refer people to him and I recommend anyone who needs help with digital transformation in exporting contact him.

Testimonial from Lime Tree

Paul Walters

MD Lime Tree Europe