Klaviyo international growth management

International Marketing Automation

At Harland Digital we have partnered with Klaviyo to help clients grow internationally.

Get more out of your brand’s email, SMS, and web experiences with Klaviyo. With advanced personalisation, automation, and more, you can create ultra-relevant brand experiences that build valuable, long-lasting customer relationships.

Klaviyo driven revenue online by using

Klaviyo is the only marketing platform that helps e-commerce businesses at day 0 and scales as they grow

Create brand experiences that really resonate

Use real-time data from your e-commerce and marketing platforms to personalize content based on individual preferences, buying behavior, and more.

Forget contracts or hidden fees

Only pay for the email contacts and SMS messages your business actually needs. Klaviyo’s flexible monthly pricing includes unlimited data storage and integrations.

Keep growing without switching platforms

No matter how big your audience gets, Klaviyo’s features scale to keep up. That’s why it’s trusted by entrepreneurs and big-name brands alike.

How to build more valuable customer relationships with Klaviyo

Building customer relationships online is a lot like building any other relationship in person: It all comes down to listening closely and acting thoughtfully. With Klaviyo, you’ll have all the tools to understand data and personalise brand interactions on a one-to-one basis. Check out the guides below for popular e-commerce platforms and how Klaviyo can help

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp Previewklaviyo with shopify globalmagento and klaviyo internationalklaviyo integration woocommerce

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